Is Your Website Prepared for Your Business?

Is Your Website Prepared for Your Business?

As the Pacific Northwest prepares for what they say is the biggest storm in 10 years I got to thinking about online preparation as well. I’m sure most of our friends on the East Coast did the same thing about a week ago and prepared their homes and their families as best they could for hurricane Matthew. Preparation is essential for maintaining what you have and keeping you feeling satisfied should something happen.

We actually found a website yesterday that still has Lorem Ipsum on it and it had a copyright date from 2013! 3 years with no actual information on it? (Lorem ipsum is a pseudo-Latin text used in web design as a placeholder until the real content is inserted)

What are you telling potential clients and customers that find this website? I’m too busy to actually set anything up correctly. Maybe they’ll think, “hey, he’s busy with real estate, maybe that’s a good thing?”I’m thinking more along the lines of, “If he can’t even finish his website, do I really want to do business with him?”

How’s the state of your website? Even if you just maintain a social media account to attract clients, is it up to date? Current information?

We met with a large, luxury brokerage this past week in Bellevue to discuss expanding their business and boosting their website. They focus on branding themselves for multi-million dollar homes, so they wanted everything to be similar and really reflect the business, yet, their address was wrong on their professional email which sent us in the wrong direction to even find them and meet with them. (Good thing we found it though).

But what I’m saying is, does everything match? Is the information even correct? I’ve found websites with old phone numbers, addresses, typos, outdated listings, news (that poses itself as current) from 5 years ago… and the list goes on.

As many real estate agents head into the off-season and things are slowing down, it may be time for a website overhaul. Really go through the site and make sure at least your homepage is up to date. Have someone else read it and see if anything odd jumps out at them.