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Implementation ProcessCRM or ERP implementation projects are as essential as the product selection stage itself. In fact, at Arvant, we believe that the process and utilization of the software is even more important than the software vendor you end up working with. Through clearly defined objectives, an understanding of your business processes, and our industry knowledge, implementation can be easy and affordable, despite all the horror stories you may end up hearing about in the news. Take a closer look at the scary ERP headlines, and you might be surprised to see how often company objectives can be poorly executed and projects can go awry, costing everyone involved a significant expense. All of this is avoidable with a thorough modeling and planning stage, uses cases and clear communication with your implementation partner.


The bottom line is this: enterprise systems are only as efficient and intelligent as the people that are charged with operating them. Training and equipping people with the tools needed to mesh their tasks seamlessly with your enterprise systems is exactly what we do. We make it easy, engaging, and even fun. Don’t let a lack of training and guidance throw your ERP implementation process off course—let the experts at Arvant turn your team into software experts.


Our implementation process is designed to mitigate risk at every stage of your ERP or CRM project; providing transparency and direct communication between software, the project team and the entirety of your company. Our specialized solution process is divided into three parts, and helps to ensure that every ounce of ROI is milked out of the software, while also allowing you the flexibility to keep a firm grasp on your implementation the whole time.


There are 3 phases and 5 stages in the process, and each has a specific responsibility that helps us ensure that we deliver the software exactly as your business requires.

  • Analyse


    Gap Analysis
    Business Process Workshop
    Initial Solutions Design
    Data Migration Planning
    Project Planning

  • Build


    Final Solution Design
    Data Migration
    Functional Testing
    Procedure & Documentation

  • Validate


    User Acceptance Testing
    End User Training
    Deployment / Cut-over Planning

  • Deploy


    End User Training
    Production Systems Deployment
    Final Data Migration
    Cut-over Confirmation
    Go-Live Support

  • Improve


    Post Implementation Support
    Continuous Improvement
    Implement Additional Modules

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